quote marksMargaret has helped me on so many levels & in so many ways since I first met her in early Autumn 2013. She & Jo have cleaned for me on a regular basis & they always do a fantastic job. Margaret has a real knack for adapting the agreed routine & prioritising the tasks around the house according to how they find things as they step through the door; a huge relief for anyone running a home with young children & a fairly constant stream of friends & overnight guests.

Margaret's support for my house-move last year was invaluable. Before I began to struggle to see the wood for the trees, Margaret sat down with me & helped me to think clearly & plan out the whole move. She was also able to give me tips on how to manage the entire operation, including techniques for remaining organised & calm.

On packing days, she worked efficiently & yet with great sensitivity; if my children were with us, her gentle encouragement & sense of humour often enabled them to be involved as well.

Margaret & Jo continue to clean for me regularly in our new home. Margaret has also been helping me to de-clutter & optimize our living areas.

With her deep insight & understanding of the use of space, energy flow & family dynamics, Margaret's input continues to feel like a real gift from the Universe. I highly recommend all her services.

Lucy - New Forest (moving home)

quote marksMargaret brings sensitive, insightful listening skills. She has a wealth of personal experience that enables her to approach de-cluttering with clarity and sensitivity.

Margaret helped me recreate my office which at the time was where everything happened – ironing, gathering stuff for charity, storage of books and photos – and a desk and computer.

We looked at what was in the room and talked about my relationship to things that I was holding on to. I saw that by identifying why I was holding onto stuff, I could choose to keep or let go of it. Feelings of guilt became weaker with the items that I thought I should keep.

What emerged was clearer spaces in the ‘all’ room which then enabled me to think clearer.

I am still applying the same principles in our new house.

Katherine - Southampton (home decuttering)

quote marksHaving a decluttering session with Margaret really helped me to start dealing effecively with the clutter in my life, not only on the physical level but on the mental and emotional level as well.

Her understanding of the important effect that our home and physical possessions have on our feeling of wellbeing, and why it is so often easy to get ‘stuck’ in an uncomfortable or disorganised environment helped a good deal.

Her warmth , common sense and good humour helped make a daunting task into a positive experience. Her advice and support were a great help to me in gaining clarity and getting on with tidying up my life.

A highly recommended service.

Sharon - New Forest (home decluttering)

quote marksMargaret took me on a journey whilst helping me declutter, downsize & pack in a very short time frame. Without Living Simply my move would of been a lot more challenging.

Margaret was able to keep me focused and calm during what was a very stressful period and we had both laughter & tears along the way.

Margaret was able advise on things with regards to decluttering & packing that I would not of thought of, which made the whole process run very smoothly.

Furthermore once in my new home Margaret again gave good advice on unpacking and arranging my things so I now have a simple, decluttered and very happy home.

quote marksThank you so much Margaret, I couldn't have done it without you.

Caroline - Verwood (home decuttering)

The greatest step towards a life of simplicity is to learn to let go.
Steve Moraboli