The benefits of decluttering
Become more organised, create more space, attain clarity, improve your health, gain freedom.

What is clutter?
• Items you no longer love or use
• Broken items needing fixing/unfinished jobs
• Areas that are disorganised and untidy
• Too many possessions in small spaces

Clutter can affect you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It can drain your energy and prevent you from moving forward and allowing new opportunities to come into your life.

Society has become more materialistic.

It’s easy to buy on line and we are constantly being bombarded with the lastest technology which we feel we must have. More often or not we never let go of outdated gadets which we might have only purchased six months earlier – but technology has up graded !! Clothing is cheaper too.

This is where problems arise and we create ‘clutter'.
The decluttering process
I offer a free consulation to distinguish what it is you need support with. From then I arrange your first session, which will be up to three or four hours.
The process begins from the first free consultation. I will ask you to set aside a notebook and start looking on how you would like the room/area to look, the purpose and intention of the room/area. In generating possibilities you become aware of what doesn’t belong in that room and you create a vision for new beginnings.

The whole process allows you to be in control. I am here to support you in your decluttering journey. You will be able to be responsibe and feel self empowered. I have a calm and intuitive nature and I am able to listen compassionately and be reassuring.

Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful